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German Limes-Trail

The Limes Hiking Trail along the UNESCO World Heritage Site

There is no better way to get to know a landscape than on foot. The Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes, which marked the border of the Roman Empire between the rivers Rhine and Danube over a length of 550 km, merged with the landscape to form a single entity. From the end of the 1st century AD until the second half of the 3rd century, it separated the Roman provinces of Upper Germania and Raetia from the Germanic tribes for about 150 years. Surveillance and barrier installations (towers, palisades, ditches, ramparts, walls) formed an artificial border with the troop accommodation (forts), the course of which was essentially determined by the landscape. Along this gigantic borderline of antiquity, you will experience one of the largest cultural hiking trails in Europe in the middle of Germany.

If you want to get to know and understand the Limes and its remains, you have to go hiking. Together with exercise in the fresh air, there is hardly anything more relaxing. The well-marked hiking trail already exists: the Limes Hiking Trail, which runs through Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. It was established at a time when no one had any idea that the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes would one day become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, long before the German Limes-Road and the German Limes Cycle Route were designated.

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Individual tours for download

Hiking trail from the Limes car park in Adelsheim to the Roman Museum in Osterburken 

Tour A

Hiking trail over the Heidenbuckel near Grab

Tour B

Hiking trail from Pfahlbronn to Lorch Monastery

Tour C

Circular hiking trail through the Limes Park Rainau

Tour D