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  • Limes Wall in Pfahlheim
    © Stadt Ellwangen


  • Model of the Roman Fort in Halheim
    © Stadt Ellwangen


  • City View of Ellwangen
    © Stadt Ellwangen


Ellwangen on the Jagst

Former residence of the Prince-Provosts in the Virngrund, which was founded in 764 as a Benedictine monastery. The pilgrimage church Schönenberg and the castle with museum rise above the town. In the courtyard, the “Heimattage” and other cultural events take place every summer.
Under the motto "Ellwangen to the Jagst", the Landesgartenschau will take place in the small town of Ellwangen in 2026.

Sights in and around Ellwangen

Market place with basilica, baroque Jesuit church and canons’ houses, pilgrimage church Schönenberg, castle with museum, Palais Adelmann, Antonius-Chapel with faience altar.
Alamannenmuseum, Sieger-Köder-Museum.


East of the road Birkenzell-Gerau: Limes wall is clearly visible as a dam in the field-meadow area.

Location of WP 12/109 not far from the wooden crucifix at Stödtlen-Oberzell: situated within an interesting landscape; with a good view over Dinkelsbühl towards the North and to the Middle Franconian Hesselberg towards the East.

Limes wall

A section of the Limes wall was exposed directly at the Kastellstraße in Ellwangen-Pfahlheim in 1988.

The foundations, which are 12.2 m long and 1.25 – 1.40 m wide, have been preserved up to a height of 0.75 m. The dried-out cavity wall consists of local “Stubensandstein”.


Tourist Information
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73479 Ellwangen

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