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Höhr-Grenzhausen VG - Höhr-Grenzhausen

  • Limes Tower with Roman Garden
    © Förderkreis Limes

  • Roman Oven
    Foto: Manfred Knobloch

  • Höhr-Grenzhausen - Small Fort
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße, Fotografie: Schlotter

  • Höhr-Grenzhausen - Limes Border Stone of the Förderkreis Limes
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße

  • Höhr-Grenzhausen - Limes Tower & Riders
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße

Höhr-Grenzhausen in the heart of the "Kannenbäckerland"

Hillscheid belongs to the municipality of Höhr-Grenzhausen and is conveniently located between the economic centres of Rhine-Ruhr and Rhine-Main in the Westerwald with an exit on the A 48. The Limes village has around 2,500 inhabitants.

Coming from the Rhine in the direction of Bendorf, the Limes makes a bend to the southeast at the former guard post 1/60 and leads across the A 48 motorway through the Weitersburg Forest down to the Ferbach Valley. Near today's sewage treatment plant was the Ferbach small fort in Höhr-Grenzhausen. A plaque informs about it.

From there, the trail continues in the direction of Hillscheid down to the Kühlbachtal valley above the Bembermühle mill. The restaurant of the same name is located there. The Limes rampart is still clearly visible. Today, the Limes moat has been filled in and serves as a hiking trail.


Westerwald Ceramics Museum in Höhr-Grenzhausen ( and numerous ceramics workshops. Info:

In Hillscheid there is a reconstructed limes tower with a small museum. There is also a Roman garden with a baking oven on the site. In the Hillscheid forest there is a small fort whose foundation walls have been rebuilt. Both sights are connected by a circular trail of about 8 km.


Rampart and moat

Between Höhr-Grenzhausen, Hillscheid and Arzbach-Augst (in the area of WP 1/72 and WP 1/73), rampart and moat of the Limes are very well-preserved.

Small fort

In Höhr-Grenzhausen, a plaque near today's sewage treatment plant commemorates the Ferbach small fort.



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