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  • Viewing Point at Road K12 with a View towards the South onto the Taunus
    © Berthold Krebs


  • Course of the Limes between Road K12 and Watchtower 2_14
    © Berthold Krebs


  • Reconstruction of the Palisade at the Crossing-Point with Road K12
    © Berthold Krebs


  • Watchtower 2_14
    © Berthold Krebs


Geisig is an ideal starting point to go for a walk along the Limes in the direction of Pohl or Bad Ems. The outlines of the watchtower 2/14 are visible here. The watchtower was an important guard point for a major passageway across the Limes. Today the old sunken roads, which lead to the passageway before widen shortly afterwards, are still visible. Between the watchtower and the district road 12 a very well preserved part of the Limes. Nearby you can find a picnic area, a viewpoint and a palisade. From here you have a good view into the Taunus. On an information panel you can trace back the course of the Limes to Holzhausen. From the car park nearby the road 12 and the watchtower 2/14 runs the Limes Walking Trail to the Mühlbachtal (valley), where evidence of old mine working can be seen beyond Geisig (the walk takes approximately 3hours 9km).


The chapel of Nikolaus in the middle of the village, mentioned for the first time 1480, has nice windows and ceiling paintings. 


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