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Bendorf and Sayn

  • Sayn Abbey
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  • Museum Schloss Sayn
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  • Nature
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  • Sayner Hütte
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  • Schloss Sayn
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Bendorf and Sayn


Culture, nature and adventure, that is the motto of the Sayn culture park. This is where opposites meet and offer special experiences in a small space!

Nowhere else is there a more diverse natural and cultural landscape in this unique combination. Testimonies of a past of almost two thousand years are combined in the Sayn Cultural Park with charming landscape and unique cultural and nature experiences. That can be easily explored on a walk. The cooperation "Kulturpark Sayn" was created by BUGA 2011 in Koblenz. Because of their attractiveness and versatility, the Kulturpark Sayn became one of the "masterpieces between the Rhine and the Moselle" and is one of the tourist lighthouses in the northern Rhineland-Pfalz. We are pleased to introduce you here to the Kulturpark Sayn.

A varied network of Premium hiking trails arround the Kulturpark Sayn is waiting to be discovered and explored. First and foremost the Rheinsteig and Traumpfad Saynsteig and Traumpfädchen Sayner Aussicht as well.

The Roman tower on the Limes UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Bendorfer forest is a popular destination for hikers.

Sights in and around Bendorf and Sayn

The Sayner Hütte is a world-class industrial monument. In the centre the cast iron hall of 1830. The cast-iron structure of the hall is a prototype of an industrial construction era.

Nestled in the charming landscape between Brex and Saynbrook lies the romantic Sayn Castle Park. In the middle of the English landscape park, the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn has created a tropical paradise, the Garden of Butterflies.

Just a few steps away in the Sayn fairytale castle, the „New Museum Schloss Sayn“ offers a very private insight into the life of the royal house.

If you like adventure and prefer to do something sporty, the climbing forest Sayn is the right place. In the forest directly behind the abbey you will find courses of all levels of difficulty and for (almost) every age.

Founded in 1202 by the Sayner Earl, Sayn Abbey is just a few steps away. Worth seeing is the beautiful coloured exterior paintings, the historic silent organ and the romantic cloister with fountain house.

After a short walk through Alt Sayn you will come to Heins Mühle, a fully functional, lovely restored mill museum on the Brexbach.

In the center of Bendorf you will find numerous restaurants on the church square. There is also the unique double church of St. Medard (Catholic and Protestant church at the same time with city bell tower).

Roman Tower at UNESCO World Heritage Limes

On the Pulverberg in Bendorf-Sayn, at the intersection of the premium hiking trails Rheinsteig and Saynsteig, a unique Limes experience area was already created at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the listed reconstruction of a Roman watchtower with rampart and palisades from 1912 was built, as well as the "Loeschcke-Ruhe" (Loeschcke Rest), named after the route commissioner of the Reichslimeskommission, Georg Loeschcke, a quarry stone lookout point along the course of the Limes.

The Roman Tower on the UNESCO World Heritage Limes in the Bendorf municipal forest is a popular destination for hikers and visitors interested in history.

Those who have conquered the Roman Tower via the steep ascent on premium hiking trails are delighted with the inviting resting place with a fantastic view all the way to the Siebengebirge. Walkers can also reach the Roman Tower via a wide, well-maintained forest path from the Waldgasthof Meisenhof in just 15 minutes.

Trained Limes Cicerones offer exciting scenic guided tours and walks on the subject of the Limes and Romans for all age groups and thus make the subject of the Roman past and the Limes come alive.

If you would like to climb the tower to enjoy the magnificent view, you are welcome to borrow the key from the tourist information office by appointment.

The small fort Fehrbach

Between Bendorf and Hillscheid
The small fort Fehrbach is located between WP 1/63 and WP 1/64.
Rampart and moat of the Limes-line are in a well-preserved state.
There are clearly visible parts of the Limes south-east of Fort Fehrbach in the “Vallendarer Stadtwald” south of Höhr.

Traces of earth-and-timber forts

On the Pulverberg, above Sayn, next to WP 1/54 watchtower reconstruction.


Tourist-Information Bendorf
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56170 Bendorf-Sayn

phone: 02622/9849550


Stadtverwaltung Bendorf - Fachbereich 4 Tourismus
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