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Holzhausen an der Haide

  • At the Ottomotorenmuseum in Holzhausen an der Haide
    © Dominik Ketz

  • Limes Viewing Window at the Graveyard in Holzhausen an der Haide
    © Ellen Meyer

  • Limes Fort Holzhausen an der Haide, Porta Sinistra
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Limes Fort Holzhausen an der Haide
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Ottomotorenmuseum in Holzhausen an der Haide
    © Dominik Ketz

The "Blaue Ländchen"

The "Blaue Ländchen" in the western Taunus is also called the land of springs, streams and mills. It is surrounded by 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" with its many castles and the Loreley Rock, the idyllic Lahn Valley with its thermal baths and the town of Bad Ems ("Great Spa Towns of Europe"), the "Limes" with its well-preserved ramparts and forts, and the wild and romantic Wispertal. Embedded in this charming landscape is the municipality of Nastätten with its 32 municipalities.


- Limes hiking trail to the Limes Freimuseum in Holzhausen with well-preserved walls, reconstructed gate structures with corner systems and flag sanctuary
- Nicolaus-August-Otto-Museum - Otto engine museum at the birthplace of the inventor of the four-stroke engine
- Mineral spring from Roman times and Gothic church (1200) with a unique rural Madonna in Marienfels, "Life and Work" museum in Nastätten.

Cohort fort

The fort stands on the elevation of the 544 m high "Grauer Kopf". With a size of only 1.4 ha, it is one of the smallest cohort forts (infantry units) on the Upper German-Rhaetian Limes. It is one of the best preserved castles with preserved foundations. The visible remains concern the defensive ditches, fort corners with fixtures, gates and the flag sanctuary. The remains of the fort vicus are partly recognizable as slight elevations in the terrain. The Holzhausen military facility is located on the border between the Nassau Nature Park and the Hessian Hochtaunus Nature Park.

This is where the "Blaues Ländchen", the area of the Nastätten association of municipalities, ends and we change states: The Limes then continues in Hesse.


Touristik im  „Blaues Ländchen“
Schulstraße 29 - Museum
56355 Nastätten

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Hardy Eilenz
Nicolaus-August-Otto-Straße 1
56357 Holzhausen
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