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  • Leonhardus Church
    Bild: Erich Maiberger

  • Northern Entrance to the Municipality

  • Paper Mill

  • Customs House

Stockstadt am Main

Emerging municipality on the Bavarian Untermain with a wooded area of 953 hectares, the roots of which go back to the Roman Age. Sports facilities, open-air pool, culture and sports centre Frankenhalle.


Zollhaus (customs house) which was built by the Archbishop of Mainz and Elector Albrecht von Brandenburg (1514 – 1545), Leonhardus-Church (1773).

Bath-house of Stockstadt

The military installations in the district Stockstadt has been intensively researched. They were located on today’s industrial area, which is why they are no longer visible. An exception though are the remains of the fort bath-house of Stockstadt, which were relocated to the park of Aschaffenburg-Nilkheim. The extensive civilian settlement (vicus) is characterised, amongst other things, by a Dolichenus-Relic and several Mithraic temples, where oriental gods used to be worshipped. Those gods were very popular amongst members of the Roman force. In addition to this, there was also a beneficiary station on the Main in Stockstadt as well as a wooden ship wharf. The rich finds from the excavations are exhibited at the Stiftsmuseum in Aschaffenburg and at the Saalburg Museum.

Museum of local history

Museum with roman department


Hauptstr. 19-21
63811 Stockstadt a. M.

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