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  • View from the Cliff Marienfels
    © Ellen Meyer

  • Church in Marienfels
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Sauerbrunnen Marienfels
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Sauerbrunnen Marienfels
    © Dominik Ketz

  • Sauerbrunnen Marienfels
    © Friedhelm Schierle

Marienfels village

In Marienfels there were numerous Roman facilities and buildings that could be verified by excavations: Two chronologically consecutive wood-earth forts, a fort bath and an extensive fort village, which ranged around the wooden forts. During construction work in the 1980s, numerous well-preserved wooden posts and beams were unearthed in addition to the remains of the Roman wall. They are probably the remains of an extensive Roman water pipe and drainage system, which suggests larger buildings. The local church itself was first mentioned 915 AD. in a deed.


The idyllically situated Romanesque church greets you from afar. It was built on a rock in the middle of the 12th century and is the oldest church in Nassau. The church was last renovated in 2019. Inside it holds a unique peasant Madonna. The Marienfelser cliff is a beautiful vantage point. A mineral spring from Roman times is on the left, coming from Dachsenhausen. In the Marienfels chronicle, which was created on the occasion of the 1075 anniversary in 1990, Roman history of the place is covered extensively. The chronicle can be purchased from the mayor, but can also be viewed at


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