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  • Murrhardt - Partial Reconstruction of Watchtower 9.96
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße, Fotografie: Michael Schneidt

  • View into the Roman Exhibition at the CSM
    © CSM Murrhardt

  • Bronze Sword
    © CSM Murrhardt

  • Roman Bath in the Medical Centre
    © CSM Murrhardt

  • Roman Bath in the Medical Centre
    © CSM Murrhardt


Nature park centre with exhibition, historic centre; former Benedictine abbey, monastery church, romanesque Walterichs-Chapel, St. Walterichs-Church. Rich variety of cultural and tourist offerings.
Guided city tours, Limes tours and museum tours can be reserved.


Leisure area Waldsee, good gastronomy, excellent camping site, Städtische Kunstsammlung (municipal art collection), beautiful open-air swimming pool in the Trauzenbachtal, Youth Hostel.
Carl-Schweizer-Museum, Naturparkzentrum (nature park centre)

Wachttower 9/102, 103, 104, 111 southern from Murrhardt

Well visible foundation of sentry post 9/102. Medieval wayside shrine (reconstructed) on tower site WP 9/103. Preserved ruins of the watch post 9/104, tower with clearly recognizable Limes, which can still be followed in the south up to the watch post 9/111 on the Fornsbach-Ebnisee road.

Wachttower 9/91 and 9/96 between Grab and Murrhardt

WP 9/91 north of Siegelsberg, popularly known as “Römerschanze”, reconstructed up to a height of 4 metres. WP 9/96 on the “Heidenbühl”: foundations of two stone towers with explanatory plaque, one of the towers reconstructed up to a height of 6 metres.

Watchtower 9/99

WP 9/99 by the Lindersthütte north of the Alm-Siedlung with special foundations size (important signal tower).

Medical Center at the Römerbad

Preserved walls of the Murrhardt Roman baths in the medical center.

Watchtower 9/116 between Murrhardt and Welzheim

WP 9/116 on the road from Welzheim to Fornsbach, south-east of the “Spatzenhof”: an extraordinarily large tower foundation has been conserved there. Presumably main survey point of the straight Limes-line. From this point, one of the best-preserved Limes sections stretched southwards and west of the road Kaisersbach-Welzheim.


Roman collection, finds from the fort, civilian settlement and Limes. Reconstructed Jupiter Column (base) with Capitoline Wolf, copies and originals of important inscriptions from the region. Models, bronze finds - sword, field sign points, WP 9/99 Lindersthütte north of the Almsiedlung with special basic dimensions (important signal tower). "Virtual Limes Worlds" - multimedia show in the Roman department.

Parts of the museum are barrier-free (with the exception of the basement). Two disabled parking spaces are located directly in front of the house, the entrances have ramps. There is a disabled toilet in the immediate vicinity of the museum in the cinema. Guided tours for the visually impaired are offered as well as for people with dementia. Specially handicapped accessible gastronomy is open daily in the nearby Schumm Foundation.


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