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  • Großkrotzenburg
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Großkrotzenburg at the Main

The history of Großkrotzenburg goes back about 6000 years, which is proved by numerous archaeological finds. The municipality offers leisure facilities such as trails, a forest nature trail, a lido or an indoor swimming pool. Different festivals and markets take place every year.

Sights in and around Großkrotzenburg

Ruin of a Roman fort with open-air theatre, Limes remains, museum with Roman section on the fort area, former synagogue.


Local museum with Roman department.

Parking spaces for the disabled are available.

Cohort fort

Parts of the defence wall of the cohort fort are visible in the area of the town centre of Großkrotzenburg. The southwest corner of the garrison as well as the medievally reworked corner tower are visible near the church. At the entrance of the church are parts of the south wall which have been preserved. The Limes ran past 20 metres east of the fort wall. The piled foundations of a Roman stone pillar bridge in the Main, which were erected in the 30s of the 2nd century, are sensational. To this belongs also a station of the beneficiarii on the banks of the Main. The Roman finds from the fort and the civilian settlement are displayed at the Heimatmuseum (museum of local history) next to the church. This also serves as the Regional Limes Information Centre for the Main-Kinzig-Kreis.


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63538 Großkrotzenburg

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