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  • Ellingen - Sablonetum in Autumn
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße


  • llingen - Sablonetum Walls from the East
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße


  • Ellingen - Sablonetum Northern View (Details)
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße


Ellingen is located at the intersectin between the nature park Altmühltal and the Franconian Lake District

The “pearl of the Franconian Baroque” is located at the intersection between the nature park Altmühltal and the Franconian Lake District. The former residential town of the provincial commander of the Bailiwick Franconia of the Teutonic Order has a consistently Baroque townscape which is dominated by the powerful and magnificent castle of the Teutonic Order – the biggest Baroque castle in South Germany. The residence also houses the cultural centre of East Prussia. A Baroque circular path is part of the town’s specialfeatures. The “Limes Circular Trail", a cross-country trail which follows the traces of the Romans in Ellingen, offers further particularities. Just outside Ellingen is the partly restored Roman fort “Sablonetum”.

Fort Sablonetum partly reconstructed

On the road to Höttingen: fort which was partly reconstructed after being completely excavated. Northwest tower with north wall and earth ramp. Building inscription from 182 A.D. dates extensive reconstruction measures and mentions the ancient name of the site (Sablonetum).


Schlossstraße 3
91792 Ellingen

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