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  • Idstein-Dasbach, Reconstruction of a Stone Tower WP 3.26
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße, Fotografie Michael Schneidt

  • Dreigestirn
    © Grandpierre Design


  • Witches' Tower
    © Grandpierre Design

  • Himmelsgasse
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Idstein is located on the A3 between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. With its medieval town centre (town charter since 1287) and half-timbered buildings from five centuries, the town invites you to linger. A historically important Nassau residence until 1721.


Sights in and around Idstein

Course of the Roman fortification wall “Limes” with a reconstructed watch-tower 3/26 at the L 3026, the “Witches Tower” (point of reference of the town), the Palace with Palace Garden, the Killingerhaus with museum, the Gatehouse, the “Crooked House” and the nationwide known Protestant Union Church with its beautiful 38 canvas paintings on the ceiling. Numerous leisure activities like swimming, golfing, climbing and several event highlights like the Idstein JazzFestival and the atmospheric Christmas Market.

The course of the Limes with Roman guard post 3/26 as a reconstruction, the Union Church with Baroque wall and ceiling paintings from the Rubens School, the "Witches' Tower", the Killinger House with the town museum, the castle complex, the Kanzlei Gate, the "Crooked House". Numerous leisure facilities (including golf) and event highlights (including the Idstein JazzFestival).


Reconstruction of the Roman Watchtower 3/26

The reconstruction of the Roman WP 3/26 can be found at the L 3026 on the Dasbacher Höhe at the Limes-line between Idstein and Niedernhausen. In the district Heftrich is Fort Alteburg, a numerus fort with an area of about 1 hectare. Starting from Idstein's old town, the "Combined Idstein Circular Trail" covers 13.8 km and takes in the Roman tower and the fort. The Alteburger Market takes place east of the fort area – above the Roman vicus – three times a year. This is a livestock market with a wide offer of everyday goods and a centuries-old tradition. The old tree population in the market area is an impressive natural monument.



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