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  • Fort Unterböbingen
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße, Fotografie Michael Schneidt


  • Bakehouse at the Village Square
    © Gemeinde Böbingen


  • Beiswanger Chapel
    © Gemeinde Böbingen


  • Remains of the Fort Wall in Böbingen
    © Gemeinde Böbingen


  • Michaelskirche Böbingen
    © Gemeinde Böbingen


Böbingen on the Rems

Charmingly located on either sides of the Rems, directly on the Limes and the former Roman road Bad Cannstatt-Regensburg with a not insignificant fort. The town can be traced back to an Alemannic settlement from the 7th century. Its first documentary reference dates from 1291.

Sights in and around Böbingen

Michaels-Church with Romanesque portal (1083/1084), Beiswanger Kapelle (chapel) (1680).

Foundations of the fort gate with gate tower

Fort on a mountain spur over the Rems in a strategically favourable location, from where a view of 20 watchtowers on the Limes was once possible. Visible: foundations of the south fort gate with gate towers, south-east corner with tower, parts of the east wall with tower.

Parts of the east wall with tower

Information panels on the Limes as well as in the area of the fort and the former fort village (vicus), where a bath house, a sanctuary and a road station (mansio) have been excavated.


Rathaus, Verkehrsamt
Römerstraße 2
73560 Böbingen an der Rems

Tel. +49 (0) 71 73 / 1 85 60-0
Fax +49 (0) 71 73 / 1 85 60-25