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  • Village Centre of Hunzel with a Representation of the Roman Cultural Landscape
    © Touristik im Blauen Ländchen e. V.

  • Village Centre of Hunzel mit Limes Hikers' Hostel
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Village Pond of Hunzel
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Limes Trail Hunzel-Pohl


  • Reconstruction of a Palisade at the Limes Trail near Hunzel
    © Ellen Meyer

Hunzel village

The Limes hiking trail leads almost directly through Hunzel on its route from Berg towards Pohl, across the new village square with a large graphic reconstruction of the Roman cultural landscape, which shows life in the later Limes period. About 750 meters southwest of the town center there was a Roman fort in today's farmland.

It was built in the 2nd century AD as a replacement for Marienfels Castle, which was further away from the Limes. Nothing can be seen of the fort above ground today. It measured 84 by 89 meters. At the village community center in Hunzel there is an information board on Roman history. The hiking trail (Limespfad) from Hunzel to Pohl leads in the forest through the well-preserved wall and ditch of the Limes. A palisade was erected here, a rest area laid out and a viewing window with a view of the course of the Limes was set up in the field corridor.

An ecologically valuable biotope worth seeing is located at the entrance to the community, coming from Miehlen.


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