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  • Mögglingen
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Mögglingen at the foot of the Swabian Alb

The landscape is characterized by the Rosenstein and the Albtrauf at the Pfaffenberg.Mögglingen represents the gateway to the Rems Valley and the Rems river flows through the municipality. A trail along the Limes with relevant information has been created at the Limes-Wanderparkplatz (hiking car park) with panorama of the Swabian Alb.

The prehistory of the municipality of Mögglingen dates back to the Celtic Hallstatt culture. After the collapse of the Roman Empire around 500 AD, the Germanic Alemanni settled the area of today's Mögglingen. Mögglingen was first mentioned in a charter in 1143.


The 33 m high church tower from the 12th century towers above the historical centre. It is well worth seeing and attracts attention from afar. An interesting review into the history of the village is offered to interested visitors during guided tours in the Micheleshaus and in the parish barn. Handicraft and rural life are presented here in a very authentic and tangible way. In addition to the baroque vicarage, art treasures can be seen in the parish church of St. Peter and Paul. A Stations of the Cross by the artist priest Sieger Köder and sculptures by Prof. Otto Herbert Hajek can be found there, which are brought closer to the visitor through guided tours.

One of the most impressive sites on the Raetian Limes with marked Limes course north of Mögglingen

Limes section in the forest “Grubenholz” east of the Braunhof: one of the most impressive sites on the Raetian Limes. The debris rampart of the Raetian wall is excellently visible over a length of 1.5 km. The circular moat belongs to the wooden tower of WP 12/45. In the forest are barrows from the Hallstatt culture. (8th to 5th century B.C.).
Limes tower WP 12/46 perceivable as debris hill. The Limes is visible here as well as the pre-historic barrows. Further to the east and north-east, the course of the Limes is traceable in several places.


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