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  • Hof Grass

  • Hof Grass Hungen
    © D. Haaf

  • Limes Information Centre at Hof Grass
    Fotografie: D. Haaf

  • Hungen Castle
    Fotografie: Bastian Haaf

  • Trais-Horloff, Church and Lake
    © Haaf, Hungen

Hungen on the north-eastern edge of the Wetterau

Hungen, situated on the north-eastern edge of the Wetterau and at the foot of the western foothills of the Vogelsberg, offers wonderful local recreational opportunities in magnificent mixed forests and lake landscapes. As the only Hessian town with a full-time town shepherd and its own flock, Hungen maintains an old tradition and practices landscape conservation. Visitors can learn a lot about this topic and enjoy the charming landscape on the adventure trail "In Shepherd's Footsteps". The modern shepherd's caravan hostel in the Nonnenroth district is an idyllic place to spend the night, close to nature.

The Inheidener/Trais-Horloffer Lake invites you to swim, sail and surf, and the legendary lake festival always takes place here on the first weekend in August. In addition, you will find ideal conditions for hiking, walking and strolling at the "Three Ponds" in a relaxing forest landscape. Known far beyond the city limits, the All Saints' Market attracts countless visitors on the first of November.

Sights in and around Hungen

OVAG technical centre, sheep & nature experience area and Hungen cheese barn, "In Shepherd's Footsteps" experience trail, Hungen baroque castle, Protestant town church with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements, Obbornhofen local history museum.

Limes Information Centre at Hof Grass

Attractive excursion destination to the Romans in the district of Gießen

Hof Grass was acquired by the "Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG (OVAG)" in 2002 and the old farm buildings were extensively renovated. The Limes Information Centre is located in a former farm worker's house and is divided into two exhibition rooms and a lecture room with a digital presentation. This provides information - with subtitles for the hearing impaired if required - about Roman settlements in Hesse and in particular in the district of Gießen.

The exhibition focuses, among other things, on the latest research on the Limes in the district of Gießen as well as on Germanic settlement beyond the Limes. As the Limes Information Centre is located in a nature reserve where around 16 million cubic metres of drinking water are pumped annually, another focus is on the topic of "water in Roman times". Texts - in suitable exhibition typeface for the visually impaired -, maps, drawings and photos as well as selected finds from the Holzheimer Unterwald small fort and from the Inheiden fort site illustrate the contents.

The Limes Information Centre is barrier-free. The texts are translated into English, French and Braille. Tactile plans and objects to touch also invite sighted people to "grasp" the topics. Slip into Roman sandals, put on the armour of a Roman auxiliary soldier - try it out and experience it!

Limes Information Centre Hof Grass
Tel.: 06402 5080266

Hof Grass circular trail

Connected to the information centre is a 3.2 km long circular trail through the floodplain landscape around Hof Grass, equipped with information boards and puzzles. Among other things, it leads to a new playground with suggestions for Roman games, to the Limes and to the Inheiden fort site and takes up other natural and cultural-historical features. The texts there are also translated into Braille, and the riddles do not only relate to the Roman period. They convey exciting and perhaps not yet known facts from history to the present to the young and old walkers. The concept of the exhibition is coordinated with the curricula in the schools, so that Hof Grass with its outdoor area is also excellently suited as an extracurricular place of learning for interdisciplinary lessons. Hof Grass is connected to the Limes Cycle Path via a cross connection.


Just under 1 km northeast of Inheiden, not far from the Horloff River, lies a 0.7 ha fort. Aerial photographs of the site indicate, among other things, several phases of reconstruction. The comparatively large buildings of the associated civilian settlement are remarkable.

Tourist information

Magistrat der Stadt Hungen

Kaiserstr. 7
35410 Hungen

Tel. 0 64 02/85-0

Fax 0 64 02/85-54