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Bad Ems

  • Limes Exhibition at Stadtmuseum Bad Ems
    © Dominik Ketz


  • Info Board at the Limes Watchtower on the Wintersberg
    © Dominik Ketz


  • Limes Watchtower on the Wintersberg
    © Dominik Ketz


Bad Ems one of the most beautiful therapeutic baths

Two forts protected the Lahn crossing of the Limes during Roman times. Bad Ems has been developing into one of the most important spas in Europe since the 14th century. Besides the mineral springs, the unique spa architecture and the river landscape, there are attractive Events such as the Lahn festival and Germany’s biggest flower carnival.

Sights in and around Bad Ems

Baroque spa castle with Brunnenhalle (fountain hall), marble hall, casino, spa theatre, Russian church, Kurwaldbahn, Limes towers, historical spa park, promenade Römerstraße, Haus der vier Türme (“House of the Four Towers”), Quellenturm.

Spa and Town Museum

There were two forts in the district Bad Ems. The Roman finds can be visited in the new Limes section of the Spa and Town Museum.

Rampart and moat of the Limes fort

Between Bad Ems and Holzhausen:Rampart and moat of the Limes fort stand out impressively in theforest between Schweighausen and Dornholzhausen. Near WP 2/25, one can find well-preserved sections of the Limes. To the east of Fort Holzhausen, the Limes is in an excellently preserved state. It was only levelled in front of the fort.

WP 2/1 is the oldest reconstruction of a Limes tower in Germany. It was built in 1874 in honor of Kaiser Wilhelm I. It is situated on the Wintersberg south of the river Lahn on the foundation walls of an original Limes Tower.

There were two forts in the district Bad Ems. A Roman smelter from the 1st century was exposed on the Blöskopf above Bad Ems.

Fort Arzbach

Fort at the southern entry of the city for the protection of the deeply carved Emsbachtal; explained on on-site plaques. At WP 1/84 on the “Großen Kopf”, the so-called “Stefansturm”, a recreated Limes Tower with a panoramic view.

Reconstruction of the Stefansturm

On top of the hill is the Stefansturm or WP 1/84 (height 18m), an accessible reconstruction of a Limes watchtower in a very exposed position at 430m above sea level. The tower has many interesting features to explore. The tower is beautifully located in the middle of the Nassau nature park, and can be reached by a 15 minutes’ walk. The ramparts and the ditch are very well preserved, and accessible from a circular walking trail.


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