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  • Betho-Barn Bettendorf
    © Friedhelm Schierle


  • Village Centre Bettendorf
    © Friedhelm Schierle


  • Bettendorf
    © Friedhelm Schierle


  • Geological Open Air MuseumBettendorf
    © Touristik im Blauen Ländchen e. V.


  • Mineral Museum Bettendorf
    © Armin Wilhelm


Bettendorf village

Northeast of Bettendorf, the Limes, which is still in its original state in the "Pohler Grove", forms the boundary of the districts of Bettendorf, Pohl and Obertiefenbach. As part of a visualization measure carried out jointly with the neighboring municipality of Pohl for the watchtower 2/25, which is also located there, the opportunity was also created for hikers to experience the course of the Limes in its original state in this section of the forest.

Numerous remains, such as the extensive burial mounds near the Pfarrhofen fort, also indicate an earlier settlement of the region by Celtic tribes.

Due to the central location of the municipality of Bettendorf and the existing connection to the national Loreley-Aar cycle path and the Limes long-distance hiking trail, Bettendorf took the lead in creating the three-castle circular hiking trail (3 KR), which mainly uses local farm roads.

This circular route network opens up the Limes region with entry points in Bettendorf, Holzhausen, Hunzel, Miehlen, Obertiefenbach, Marienfels, Pohl and Rettert.

There are other starting points in the neighboring regional centers in Nastätten and Singhofen, which also provide a wide range of supply options for (cyclist) hikers.

Comprehensive information about the 3 KR, including the digitally retrievable routes, can be found at or on one of the other 3 KR municipalities mentioned.


In the municipality of Bettendorf there is a half-timbered ensemble worth seeing on the village square next to the listed village fountain as well as the following facilities:

• The geological open-air museum set up in 1978 under the sponsorship of the municipality and the extensive private mineral collection Wilhelm.

• Since 2004, the Bettendorf Christmas crib with the "Stable of Bethlehem" with life-size figures has been set up every year in the "Staahäjsje", a shelter in front of the Geological Open-Air Museum, and is illuminated in the evening (from the 1st of Advent to Candlemas on the 2nd of February)

• All year round, at various stations in the village, other wooden sculptures created by the local "chain saw carver" invite you to look at them.

• At the "Betho barn" in the village center, which was restored in 2013, Celtic dioramas open up a view into the past, which can still be explored in the 3 KR region as burial mounds or walls.

• Since 2016, the planetary educational trail between Bettendorf and Holzhausen has been illustrating the composition and dimensions of the solar system over a distance of approx. 2.5 km. A fascinating journey to 9 "planets", from the "Sun" in Bettendorf to "Pluto" in Holzhausen, can be included as a leg in a 3 KR tour.

• The Sonnenhof dressage stable offers a spacious riding arena, which is particularly appreciated by friends of dressage riders.

In the festival book "850 years of Bettendorf - a Taunus village on a journey through more than two millennia" published in 2013 on the occasion of the celebrations for the first documented mention of the municipality of Bettendorf in 1163, you can go on a journey of discovery through the 3-castle region around Bettendorf with contemporary witnesses walk.

Flyers for the Geological Open-Air Museum, the 3 KR, the Planet Trail can be accessed electronically at

The book "850 years of Bettendorf - a Taunus village on a journey through more than two millennia" can be ordered online via "Bücherland Nastätten".


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