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Glashütten in the nature park Hochtaunus

Glashütten was founded in the 17th century by glass blower families. Situated amidst the Taunus Nature Park, at the foot of the 686-metre high mountain Glaskopf. Archaeological excavations brought to light rich finds of blown and flat glass in a great variety of colours. A wide selection of trails, cycle and mountain bike tours as well as cross-country ski trails.

Fort Feldberg

The fort is situated in the trough between the Große Feldberg and the Kleine Feldberg, close to the source of the Weil. At 700 m altitude, it is the highest located Limes fort in Germany. The ruins of the fort are very well-preserved and thoroughly restored. The foundations of the defence wall with the four fort gates are clearly perceivable. Of the internal buildings, parts of the central staff quarters with the standards shrine as well as the floor layout of a storage facility are visible. Wall sections of a further building next to the staff quarters might have belonged to the commander’s quarters.
Between the fort and the Limes, the foundation walls of the fort bath, popularly known as “Heidenkirche”, have been preserved.

Watchtower 3/61 Kieshübel

WP 3/61 Kieshübel belongs to the best preserved watch posts in the Taunus.
Two wooden tower sites with circular moats and two stone tower foundations were found; the latter have been conserved. WP 3/63 Weißenstein with conserved stone tower foundations is situated about 25 m behind the Limes wall. Rampart and moat are in a wellpreserved state west of WP 3/63.


Watchtower 3/49

Between fort Feldberg and fort Saalburg
About 1.5 km from Fort Feldberg are the conserved foundations of WP 3/49. The remains of the wooden tower WP 3/49 can be found in the woods on the slope of the Feldberg. The circular moat of the tower has been left open after its excavation and is clearly visible. This watchtower is with its altitude of 825 m the highest located tower of the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes. WP 3/50 at the Steinkopf above the memorial of the Taunusclub is conserved. Moat and rampart between WP 3/49 and WP 3/50 are well-preserved. The foundations of WP 3/52 on the Mittelberg have been conserved.
East of the Sandplacken and 350 m east of the road between Oberursel and Schmitten is the small fort Altes Jagdhaus. Its defence wall is well recognisable and, in the interior, there are the conserved foundation walls of the hunting lodge from the 17th century.

Small fort Heidenstock

Due to the hard and stony ground on the western foot of the Klingenkopf, the Romans started to replace the moat and rampart system with a wall built from consolidated rock. The disintegrated remains of this wall are visible in the form of a debris rampart. WP 3/55 is situated on the height. The foundation walls of the stone tower have been conserved. The fortification was created again as moat and rampart on the foot of the Klingenkopf. Northeast of this is a well-preserved route to the small fort Heidenstock, the defence wall of which is clearly visible. The Limes-line can be well perceived northeast of the small fort. At WP 3/60 Einsiedel is a conserved stone tower fragment only a few meters behind the wall. A small section of this has been re-erected.
The Limes wall is in an eminently preserved state northeast of WP 3/60 (partly up to a height of 0.5 m). Traces of the upstream palisade are occasionally visible as a shallow moat in the terrain.

Fort and tower

Moat and rampart of the Limes fort south of Kröftel, at the Schloßborner Feld, are clearly visible. The traces of the defence wall of the small fort Maisel, situated beside the road between Glashütten and Kröftel, are visible all the way round. The starting point of the Limes Experience Trail Hochtaunus is in Glashütten and reaches as far as Ober-Mörlen in the Wetteraukreis. This is also the place where an entrance portal can be found, which gives the visitors hints to the Roman relicts along the trail.


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