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  • Wörth am Main

  • Wörth am Main

  • Wörth am Main

Wörth am Main

Located in the Main Valley at the foot of the Bayerischer Odenwald; possesses a historic centre with a beautiful old town hall (1600) and unique buildings made of mottled sandstone in the Neustadt.
Its development has been closely connected with the shipping and shipbuilding industry. The UNESCO-Geopark-Culture-Trail, reopened in autumn 2004, leads over a distance of about 10 km past the two Roman forts, which brought together the “Odenwald Limes” and the “Nassen Limes”, and offers a magnificent view of the scenic Main valley with its wooded crests, flood plains and vineyards.


Maritime Museum in the former St. Wolfgang Church, Altes Rathaus (old town hall) – now community centre, Galgen (gallows), Catholic parish church with Gothic winged altar (around 1485) and crucifixion group (early 16th century), historic centre, remains of a former town fortification.
Permanent exhibition “Römerzeit” in the community centre with a focus on the virtual reconstruction of the numerus fort Wörth.


Maritime Museum with roman department: virtual reconstruction of the numerus fort, communitiy center (old town hall).

Numerus fort

There was a numerus fort (0.8 hectare) at the northern exit of Wörth. It is likely that the so-called Odenwald-Limes starts at Wörth. The fort is located in the fields, directly east of the ring road.
An observer with a trained eye can perceive the former garrison when he looks at the slight bumps in the terrain.


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