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  • LimesBlick (Side)
    © Gemeinde Pfedelbach

  • LimesBlick
    © Gemeinde Pfedelbach

  • LimesBlick
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Viniculture Pfedelbach

Pfedelbach is a municipality in the Hohenlohekreis (Heilbronn-Franken region) in the Franconian-influenced north-east of Baden-Wuerttemberg, 2 km south of Öhringen. It lies on the stepped edge of the Keuperberge, a foothill range of the Mainhardt Forest, and belongs to the Heilbronn-Franken region. The first historical evidence of its existence comes from the Öhringen foundation charter of 1037.

The Untersteinbach district is a state-recognised health resort.

Around 159 AD, the Romans moved their border from the Neckar-Odenwald Limes (Older Odenwald Line) about 30 km to the east. The new Limes line, coming from Öhringen, led between Pfedelbach and Oberohrn across the Pfedelbach sub-villages of Baierbach and Gleichen to Mainhardt.

Limes views

In order to make it possible to experience the straight course of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Limes in the Hohenlohe region, the municipalities of Zweiflingen, Öhringen and Pfedelbach have launched the joint project "Limes Views", which is unique in the Limes region. In 2014, a viewing platform was built in each of the three communities, which together make it possible to see, for example, from the edge of the slope in the forest in Pfedelbach-Gleichen across the Öhringen basin to the Pfahldöbel near Zweiflingen.

The hexagonal tower

The "Römerturmhütte" near Pfedelbach-Gleichen leads to the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes. Through the sparse high forest of the Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park, after 1 km you reach the remains of the unique hexagonal tower of Gleichen, which were discovered during excavations.
The location of the tower with its distant view over the Hohenlohe plain suggests that it was an important point for the Roman surveyors along the 550 km long border line between the Rhine and the Danube. For it was from here that the optical survey of the almost 80 km long straight line between Walldürn and Haghof near Welzheim was carried out. The rampart and ditch are still very well preserved in this area over a considerable distance. However, the course of the Limes from the Gleichen hexagonal tower through the Pfedelbach valley to Öhringen can only be seen on maps and according to indications on site.

Sights in and around Pfedelbach

Former water castle with chapel and banqueting hall, wine museum with Fürstenfass (barrel with 64,664 litres). Opening hours, guided tours and wine tastings by appointment (Tel. 07941 6081-11), former prison with distillery in Harsberg.

Tourist info

Municipal administration

Hauptstrasse 17
74629 Pfedelbach
Tel. 0 79 41 / 60 81-0
Fax 0 79 41 / 60 81-46  

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