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  • Osterburken
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße

  • Osterburken
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße

  • Osterburken
    © Jörg Scheuerbrandt

  • Osterburken
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße


The Roman town in Bauland is the economic, educational and administrative center of its surroundings.


Roman museum with thermal baths, beneficiary stones, Mithraic image (copy), giant column of Jupiter from Mosbach-Diedesheim, the group of gods from the "Schneidershecke" (Odenwald-Limes) special exhibitions, facilities of the numerus fort; the modern parish church of St. Kilian with concrete sculptures by Emil Wachter; Geological-palaeontological museum in the all-day high school; the Romanesque church of St. Mauritius with remarkable frescoes in the district of Hemsbach (2 km); the former Cistercian monastery Seligental in the district of Schlierstadt (5 km) with dormitory, chapter hall, wall paintings in the chapel.

Double fort, in part visible; Pavilion with explanations

Double fort at the south edge of the Kirnautal. Visible: south eastern wall of the fort for the Cohors III Aquitanorum and defence wall with gateways of the added so-called annex fort as well as parts of the moats. Pavilion with extensive explanations.


Between Bofsheim and Osterburken: Watch post 8/25, foundation walls visible, is at the end of a distance of approx. 500 m, where the Limes itself is easy to trace.

Roman museum

Findings from the beneficiary consecration district can be seen in an extension of the museum.

Fort bath-house in the roman museum

Visible: So-called Bad II in the Roman Museum with finds from the village and the region as well as detailed didactics.


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