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Bad Hönningen VG - Rheinbrohl

  • Exhibition in the RömerWelt Rheinbrohl

  • Rheinbrohl, View from Above
    © RömerWelt Rheinbrohl

  • Roman Tower #1, Start of the ORL

  • RömerWelt. Reconstructions in the Outdoor Area
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße

  • Reconstructed Palisades near Tower 1/9
    © Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße


… the wine village at the Limes (Roman ditch and rampart system). First mentioned in 877, the village of Rheinbrohl is situated on the right bank of the romantic Middle Rhine by the foot of the Westerwald. Start of the UNESCO World Heritage site Upper German-Rhaetian Limes, natural and cultural experiences merge with traditional festivals and Rhenisch hospitality.


Old half-timbered houses, the historical "Gertrudenhof" with chapel of the same name, formerly a small Roman fortification (burgus). Recreated Limes-watchtower at WP 1/1 at the beginning of the Upper German-Raethian Limes (caput limitis), Limes educational trail at watchtower WP 1/8.

Watchtower 1/1 - 1/9

Between Rheinbrohl and Neuwied the Upper German-Raethian Limes runs along the edge of the Westerwald. Some original locations are well accessible via hiking paths such as the Westerwaldsteig, which is identical with the Limes Trail in Rheinbrohl/Arienheller. The most beautiful route stretches from the RömerWelt museum at Arienheller, along the palisade replicas and past the staged tower foundations and Limes educational area at WP 1/8 in the direction of WP 1/9 on top of the Beulenberg.

RömerWeltMuseum & Limes-Information-Centre

"Experience it with all the senses", is the motto of the exhibition of the Roman Limes and Roman life 2000 years ago. Touching and trying is allowed. Roman small finds from the Neuwied-Niederbieber region and reconstructions of different Roman craft workshops are on display. The museum is accessible for people with disability. 

Watchtower 1/9

Watchtower WP 1/9 has been reconstructed near the original location on top of the Beulenberg at Rheinbrohl. The accessible wooden tower of 9 m height offers a spectacular view.

Watchtower 1/1

Starting point of the Upper German-Raethian Limes on the right bank of the Rhine opposite of the Vinxtbach (border of the Roman provinces Lower Germania and Upper Germania) mouth in the district Rheinbrohl. WP 1/1 was reconstructed near the original location in Rheinbrohl using Roman quarry stones.


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