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  • Town Hall of Miehlen with the Pointed Tower
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Hauserbachsee Miehlen
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Small Fire Service Museum in Miehlen
    © Friedhelm Schierle

  • Small Fort in Pfarrhofen, Visualized with Wooden Poles
    © Ellen Meyer

  • So-called Bridge of Sighs in Miehlen

Miehlen village

The Mühlbach meanders through the entire town. At the junction of the main street with the street called "In der Gewan" there is a small romantic arched bridge for pedestrians, affectionately called the "Bridge of Sighs" by the locals. The town hall with the high tower in the town center and the birthplace of the famous robber captain Johannes Bückler, better known under the name "Schinderhannes", are located on its banks. In an annex to the fire station in Krämergasse, there is a small fire brigade museum exhibiting over 100 years of Miehlen fire brigade history. The historic tithe barn and the Protestant church are also worth seeing. Outside the village in the direction of Hunzel is the idyllic local recreation area of Hauserbachsee. Fishing is allowed on the lake, fishing licenses are available e.g. in the restaurant at the former campsite. Miehlen offers visitors to the Limes diverse gastronomic possibilities.



In the forest, west of the B260 main road (the Bäderstraße), about 180 metres behind the Limes, are the remains of the Pfarrhofen Roman fort. Although it is closer to the municipality of Holzhausen an der Haide, it is located in the district of Miehlen. The extent of the fort, which measures 38m by 40m, is completely hidden from view under the forest floor. Its stones were used as recently as 1824 to build the nearby road. Today, marker posts show the position of the fort.


Touristik im  „Blaues Ländchen“
Schulstraße 29 - Museum
56355 Nastätten

Tel: 06772/3210



André Stötzer
Hauptstraße 43
56357 Miehlen
Phone: +49 (0)6772/1654 (municipal administration)