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  • Heimatmuseum Veener
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  • Plaggenhütte Bönninghardt
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  • Cycle Route Alpen am Niederrhein
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The predominantly agricultural municipality of Alpen with its districts Alpen, Bönninghardt, Menzelen and Veen is located in the midst of extensive recreational forests with numerous cycling, riding and hiking trails. On the cycle route "Alpentour am Niederrhein" you can explore about 30 sights of the beautiful municipality of Alpen. Idyllically situated farm cafés invite you to linger. Water sports facilities and a public lido are offered by the recreational lake in Menzelen-Ost.


Bodendenkmal "Römischer Lagerkomplex Alpen"

Near Alpen, the Romans built two camps, unusually large for Lower Germania, as well as an auxiliary fort, which can be identified on the basis of aerial photographs, magnetometer measurements and two sondages. They are located about 8 km south of the legion site Vetera castra near Xanten on the Limes road archaeologically proven here in 2006. In the two exceptionally large camps north of the fort, a large part of the Lower Germanic army could be assembled at short notice.

The auxiliary fort closes an important gap in the chain of sites between Moers-Asberg / Asciburgium and Xanten / Vetera castra.

For the smallest visitors

"Castle Alpen" playground on the meadow orchard on the Mittelweg in the Alpen district.

The playground offers a wobbly footbridge, slide and much more. It is also integrated into a fruit nature trail on the meadow orchard.

Forest playground in the Bönninghardt district

The playground is wonderfully situated in a wood and offers children and adults enough shade, especially in summer. It has many attractions, such as a pirate ship, ropeway, swings, slides and much more. For the adults, there are comfortable benches with tables. There are also new sanitary facilities. You can buy homemade cakes and cold drinks at the Waldbüdchen.

The site is also a popular stop for cyclists. Under the motto "Experience & understand the forest with all your senses", the forest adventure trail has been in existence since 2021. Squirrel Bönni and woodpecker Hardy invite children and adults to discover the forest for themselves at seven stations.

Parking place von-Laer-Str. 12, 46519 Alpen Ortsteil Bönninghardt

Further information:


Protestant Church in the centre of Alpen (oldest early baroque church at the Lower Rhine and oldest reformed parish church in Germany)

Plaggenhütte in the district Bönninghardt (reconstruction of the dwellings of the first settlers in 1770)

Old village smithy in the district Menzelen-Ost (restored smithy, over 100 years old)

recreational lake Menzelen-Ost with public lido

Heimatmuseum in the district Veen (museum with a focus on agriculture)


Rathaus Alpen
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46519 Alpen

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