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Guided Tours

Book an expert travel companion: Limes cicerones and Limes guides

Along the entire Baden-Württemberg section, in Hesse and along the Central Franconian Limes it is possible to book guided tours with academically trained and certified guides. The Limes cicerones provide expert and entertaining guidance for your cycling, hiking or travel group, taking you to the most important points of interest along the Limes in Baden-Württenberg, Hesse and Bavaria. Whether your outing is to last a single day or several days, we will be glad to organise an individual program for your group.

The Limes cicerones also offer an extensive program of events with guided hikes, tours, information and theme evenings, including demonstrations of Roman life on the Limes 2,000 years ago featuring Roman garments and armour.

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Information and reservations:


For Rhineland-Palatinate:

Limes-Cicerones RLP

For Hesse:

Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße e. V.
St.-Johann-Straße 5
D-73430 Aalen
Tel. +49 7361/528287-23, Fax 52828710

For Baden-Württemberg:

Verband der Limes-Cicerones e.V.
Hauptstraße 3
74535 Mainhardt
Tel. 07963/495


For Bavaria:

Limes-Cicerones Bayern e. V.
An der Mauer 8a
D-91785 Pleinfeld
+49 9144/926973


Irene Wüst
Buchenstraße 5
D-91522 Ansbach
Tel. +49 981/145858

The area of the Altmühltal Nature Reserve

There are also trained guides in the area of the Altmühltal Nature Reserve (Naturpark Altmühltal). They are available as expert travel guides for bus, cycle or hiking groups.

Naturpark Altmühltal
Notre Dame 1
D-85072 Eichstätt
Tel. +49 8421/9876-0