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GPS-Data German Limes-Cycle-Path

Free Download of GPS-Data

Here you will find the entire route of the German Limes Cycle Path for download in all common file formats. For a better overview, the routes are also available divided into four stages. This allows you to optimally plan your next trip or your next excursion to the unique UNESCO World Heritage Limes.

GPS-Data German Limes-Cycle-Path

Limes-Cycle-Path from Bad Hönningen to Passau
Route (gpx)Route (kml)Route (ovl)


Waypoints Limes-Cycle-RoadWaypoints (kml)Waypoints (asc)

GPS-Data Limes-Cycle-Path - Stages

North Rhine-Westphalia
Route (gpx)  -  Route (kml)  -  Route (ovl)

Rhineland-Palatinate from Bad Hönningen to Lich 
Route (gpx)  -  Route (kml)  -  Route (ovl)

Hesse und Franconia from Lich to Miltenberg
Route (gpx)  -  Route (kml)  -  Route (ovl)

Baden-Württemberg from Miltenberg to Mögglingen
Route (gpx)  -  Route (kml)  -  Route (ovl)

Bavaria from Mögglingen to Passau
Route (gpx)  -  Route (kml)  -  Route (ovl)


The GPX-File is used as the universal exchange format for GPS devices.
The KML-File is used for Google-Earth.
The OVL-File is used for digital topographic maps.
The ASC-File is the universal collection of coordinates as text (ASCII-Format).


Definitions in the ASC-File:
TURM = completely reconstructed tower
TURMGRUND = Ground plan of the tower recognizable or reconstructed
TURMRESTE = Debris mound recognizable
K-KASTELL = Small fort with reconstructed pieces of wall
KK-RESTE = Small fort recognizable as elevation
KASTELL = completely or partially reconstructed appearance
KASTELL-R = Remains or elevation recognizable