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Important Adresses and Links

Limes Information Centres

Four official Limes information centres have been set up along the route which provide information on the Limes in general and on the particular aspects relating to its sections in each federal state.


RömerWelt am caput limitis
Arienheller 1
56598 Rheinbrohl
Tel. 02635/92 18 66
Fax 92 24 85



Limesinformationszentrum auf der Saalburg
Römerkastell Saalburg
Am Römerkastell 1
61350 Bad Homburg
Tel. 06175/9374-0
Fax 9374-11,



Limesinformationszentrum Baden-Württemberg
St.-Johann-Straße 3
73430 Aalen
Tel. 07361/9141-688
Fax 07361/9141-772



Bayerisches Limes-Informationszentrum
Martin-Luther-Platz 3
91781 Weißenburg
Tel. 09141/907-124
Fax 907-121 oder 907-393
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Cooperation Partner

Route of Emperors and Kings

Princely Journeys from Regensburg via Linz and Vienna to Budapest
Cultural Route Danube - The Route of Emperors and Kings
Experience history - discover culture from Regensburg to Budapest

Along the Danube, the cultural route The Route of Emperors and Kings connects world renowned cultural cities, historical treasures and landscapes from medieval Regensburg via Passau, Linz and Vienna to the metropolises of Bratislava and Budapest.

The history of Central Europe was written along the Danube - and has remained very much alive to this day. From Roman times onwards, crowned heads of state and their entourages have travelled along the Danube, turning the old travel route into the route of emperors and kings over the centuries. A journey along the historic cultural route along the Danube impresses with unique landscapes and cultural monuments. Whether by bike, boat, car or on foot - Europe's second largest river never ceases to surprise. Let yourself be inspired and fascinated by noble traditions.

You can find more tips for travelling along the Danube Limes in Austria at 




Cooperation Partner

Fabulous views along the Romantic Rhine
Roman traces and the highest density of castles in the world invite exploration

The Romantic Rhine stretches from Bingen/Rüdesheim to Remagen/Unkel and is correctly described as one of the most beautiful stretches of the Rhine. More than 60 castles and palaces, the largest density of castles in the world, illustrate the enormous historical significance of the region. But the Romans already left their mark on the region.

The Lower Germanic Limes ended in Remagen on the left bank of the Rhine, while the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes began with watchtower 1/1 in Rheinbrohl on the right bank. The legacy of the Romans is still visible today. For example, they established viticulture along the slate slopes of the Rhine, where the popular Riesling grows today. The region still attracts visitors from all over the world today. Numerous certified hiking trails, including the Rheinsteig and RheinBurgenWeg long-distance hiking trails, lead through the entire region and repeatedly encounter traces of the Romans. They pass Roman town foundations such as Remagen, Andernach and Boppard and lead to the remains of forts, ramparts and moats as well as replica watchtowers. Cyclists can explore the exciting sights both on the right and left bank of the Rhine thanks to the Rhine Cycle Route. Those who want to take it a little easier can take a leisurely trip on an excursion boat on the Rhine and enjoy the views of this unique cultural landscape.

Official Websites about the World Heritage

Transnational World Heritage “Frontiers of the Roman Empire”

  • Hadrian's Wall
    Border of the Roman Empire in Great Britain. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.
  • Antonine Wall
    Border of the Roman Empire in Scotland. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

Tourist Associations of the German Federal States

Additional Tourist Associations

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