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  • View of Dornholzhausen
    © Andreas Heymann


  • Limes Tower Geisiger Wald
    Bild Andreas Heymann


  • Luther Oak Dornholzhausen
    Bild Andreas Heymann


  • Southern View of Dornholzhausen
    Bild Andreas Heymann



In the opinion of archaeologists, this district has possibly the best preserved sections of Limes in Rhineland Palatinate. Several information panels can be found on a palisade located nearby the cemetery. The Limes runs level with watchtower 2/13 through the middle of the burial mounts. South-west of Dornholzhausen the reins of the watchtower 2/12 and 2/13 is visible. Watchtower 2/13 has been marked with the help of wooden pillars. The Mühlbachtal (valley) invites to take romantic walks in the direction of Nassau (Lahn).


Guided Tours for children and adults are provided by
Ute Keifenheim, Arno Pünger (Limes-Cicerones), Tel.: 02604 8650.


In the middle of the market square you can find an oak sculpture about the life of Martin Luther, also worth seeing is the 12th century protestant church.


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