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  • Basilica with Convent Garden
    © Mathias Neubauer

  • Palatium
    © Mathias Neubauer

Seligenstadt am Main

This city is a traditional and charming treasure which is characterized by more than a thousand years of eventful history. Its location on the Main with a view to the nearby Spessart is particularly beautiful.

Sights in and around Seligenstadt

Historic centre around the marketplace with colourful half-timbered houses from several centuries, classicistic city hall, Roman House and Einhard-House, Einhard-Basilica, former Benedictine abbey, different museums, Kaiserpfalz, Wasserburg (water castle), part of the Deutsche Fachwerkstraße (German Timber-Frame Road).

Cohort fort

The site of the cohort fort with an area of 3 hectares is completely built over today. It is positioned in the midst of the modern town and was once the most northern cohort fort on the older Main-line (“ältere Mainlinie”). Amongst the stones which were integrated into the Carolingian Einhard-Basilica is also an inscription stone. Further inscription stones are in the cloister next to the basilica.


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