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  • Commune Stödtlen

    Stödtlen is located at the foothills of the Albvorland and consists of 25 districts. Its first documentary reference dates from 1024. The traditional St. Leonhardsfest takes place every August.


    The Limes descends with the “Lastrauf” till it reaches the Middle Franconian plain between Fort Halheim and the partial replica of a stone Tower near Mönchsroth. Limes-line clearly visible in the area of the wind farm Freihof as well as east of
    Dambach. Zoo and bird sanctuary “Pfauengarten”, cycle way “Grüner Pfad”, landscape rich in lakes and with a large beaver population, St. Leonhards- Church and Chapel on the Wildenberg.

  • Karte - Stödtlen
  • Touristinfo

    Rathausstraße 11
    73495 Stödtlen

    Tel. +49 (0) 79 64 / 90 09-0
    Fax +49 (0) 79 64 / 90 09-15

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  • Limes

    Approaching from the north on the K3215 road, following the Limes for 350 metres (Watchtower 12/105) the Limes can be seen very clearly. 0.6 metre high and a metre wide ruins can be seen.

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