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Naststätten association of municipalities - Marienfels

Marienfels village

Excavations have revealed evidence of numerous Roman installations and buildings in Marienfels. There have been, over a short period of time, two Roman forts made of timber and earth, a Roman bath, and an extensive vicus. Building works in the 1980s uncovered remains of a Roman wall as well as well-preserved wooden stakes and beams. It is likely that the finds were part of an extensive water-supply and a drainage system, which suggests that there may have been larger buildings in the past. The village was first mentioned in documents from 915 AD.


Worth seeing is the Marienfelser Klippe (cliff), with its fine viewpoint. You can also find a Roman well, at the edge of the village on the left-hand side when approaching from Dachsenhausen. To celebrate the 1075-year anniversary, a book ‘The Chronicle of Marienfels’ was produced, of which the village’s Roman history occupies a large part. The book is available to buy from the village mayor, but you can also check it out at


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