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  • Latest: Hiking guide available in English

    After the announcement of the first guide along the German Limes in English last year, we are happy to advertise our first English hiking guide for the Limes in Baden-Württemberg.

    The Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße, which instigated and maintain the Limes-Straße (road) and the Limes-Radweg (cycle path), wish to promote and inform through the two trails the unique qualities of this World Heritage Site, building interest both in Germany and abroad in protecting and preserving the site. In cooperation with walking clubs, the Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße is also involved in the Limes-Wanderweg (trail).

    If you want to understand the German Limes the best thing to do is go for a walk and explore it. Along this long borderline, in ancient times the northern limit of Mediterranean life, and since 2005 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can enjoy one of the biggest cultural footpaths of Europe in the middle of Baden-Württemberg. The hiking guide contains information about four different trails with maps and details of the altitude difference to be overcome, refreshment options and museums along the way.

    The brochure is available as a free download: just click the accompanying image. Under the menu Infoservice you can order a paper copy for one Euro.

    Latest: Guidebook available in English

    We are happy to present our first English guidebook to the UNESCO world heritage site of the Upper German-Raetian Limes. We can now offer our international visitors a comprehensive guide, with the most important facts about the whole Limes.

    With this English brochure we would like to broaden the already existing interest in our world heritage site beyond Germany. The brochure lists all the places which are members of the Deutsche Limes-Straße, and all the historical monuments along it. You will find beautiful places, where you can discover and explore the Roman monuments.

    The objective of the Deutsche Limes-Straße group is to promote public awareness of the global historical significance of the Limes archeological monument.

    We wish you eventful trips and beautiful walks with impressive experiences as well as interesting insights into the Roman history of Germany. The beautiful and varied landscapes of this region between the Rhine and the Danube is not only a perfect place for recreation, it also represents the former Roman border region.

    The brochure is available as a free download: just click the accompanying image. Under the menu Infoservice you can order a paper copy of the English guidebook for 2 Euros.

  • 02.06.2018 bis 14.10.2018

    Vom Schaf zur Tunika - Textilhandwerk und Mode in römischer Zeit

    City: Wittelshofen

    Die Ausstellung bietet Einblicke in verschiedene Materialien, Weben, Färben und unterschiedliche Gewänder der...


    In vino veritas - Im Wein liegt Wahrheit

    City: Rainau

    Weinprobe und römische Leckerbissen mit Karin Fröhlich, Weine & Delikates, Aalen, Kartenvorverkauf unter...


    Sonntagsspaziergang durch das Römerbad Schirenhof

    City: Schwäbisch Gmünd

    Am Römerbad Schirenhof steht bei einem Rundgang das Thema:
    "Kräuter, Düfte und "Viagra" Römischen Reich"...


    LIMESEUM Ruffenhofen

    City: Wittelshofen

    Führung "Leben am Limes"


    Römerpark Ruffenhofen

    City: Wittelshofen

    Führung "Kastell und Vicus Ruffenhofen"


    Römische Stadtführung in Obernburg a.Main

    City: Obernburg am Main

    Das Kastell Obernburg am UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe Limes wird erneut mit einer Römischen Stadtführung belebt. Susanna...

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