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Traveller's Tip: Bendorf and Culture Park Sayn

Culture, nature and adventure! This is the motto of the Culture Park Sayn.

Here, apparent opposites meet and offer special experiences in a very confined space.
Evidence of a past that goes back almost two thousand years is combined in the Sayn Cultural Park with a charming landscape and unique cultural and natural experiences that can be easily explored on a walk.

The extensive network of hiking trails with the premium long-distance and circular hiking trails Rheinsteig and Saynsteig and the Sayner Aussichten dream trail allow you to explore the varied cultural and natural landscape around the Sayn Cultural Park on foot.

Along the way, you will always come across traces of the past, such as the reconstruction of the Roman watchtower at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes on the Pulverberg.

Our Roman tower in the Bendorf municipal forest is a popular destination for hikers and visitors interested in history. Those who have conquered the Roman Tower via the steep ascent on premium hiking trails are delighted with the inviting resting place with a fantastic view all the way to the Siebengebirge. Walkers can also reach the Römerturm via a wide, well-maintained forest path.

We would also like to recommend our non-Roman sights to you:

The Sayner Hütte, for example, is a world-class industrial monument. Its centrepiece: an architectural masterpiece - the casting hall from 1830. The cast-iron supporting structure of the hall is considered the prototype of an industrial building epoch with breathtaking architecture.

Nestled in the charming landscape between the Brex and Sayn streams is the romantic Sayn Castle Park. In the midst of the English landscape park, the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn created a tropical paradise, the Garden of Butterflies.

Only a few steps away in Sayn Castle, the New Museum of Sayn Castle offers a very private insight into the life of the Princely House.

If you like adventure and prefer sporting activities, the Sayn Climbing Forest is just the place for you. In the forest directly behind the abbey, there are various courses of all levels of difficulty.

Sayn Abbey, founded by the counts of Sayn in 1202, is only a few steps away. Particularly worth seeing are the wonderfully coloured exterior paintings, the historic Stumm organ and the romantic cloister with well house.

A short walk through Alt Sayn leads to Hein's Mühle, a fully functional, lovingly restored mill museum on the Brexbach.

Whether you are a Roman or a Germanic, a Limes lover or a hiking companion - the Sayn Cultural Park is considered one of the tourist beacons in northern Rhineland-Palatinate and offers a wide range of possibilities for all visitors.

The Tourist Information team will be happy to help you plan your trip. We look forward to your visit.

© Text und Picture: Stadtverwaltung Bendorf

Traveller's Tip: Aalen

This lovely town on the eastern edge of the Swabian Alb has received several UNESCO awards. Aalen is the gateway to the UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb and, with the former largest Roman equestrian fort north of the Alps, is still the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes. Furthermore, it has been awarded by UNESCO as an exemplary municipality for education and sustainable development.
The Limes Museum Aalen is located on the grounds of the 6-hectare equestrian fort, formerly the largest Roman equestrian fort north of the Alps. The Ala II Flavia Milliaria numbered 1000 men and was thus the most important cavalry force along the 550 kilometre long Roman border fortifications. The completely redesigned museum provides information on more than 1,500 square metres of exhibition space and more than 1,200 original finds about life on this side and on the other side of the Roman Limes, about the everyday life of the soldiers stationed here, but also about the fate of the civilian population. The outdoor area, the Archaeological Park, is also particularly attractive. Here you will be impressed by the remains of walls, numerous replicas of Roman stone monuments and the unique partial reconstruction of an equestrian barrack in its original size. Modern multimedia presentations, multilingual audio guides, an extensive educational programme and a variety of events attract visitors and locals every year.
Not far away is the city centre with its cosy squares and winding alleyways, which invite you to stroll, linger and enjoy.
Nature is not neglected either, wonderful views on hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling paths around Aalen invite you to enjoy.
Other places of interest in Aalen include the explorhino Science Centre, where young and old can discover the world of natural phenomena and technology, the primeval world museum with Geopark information point, the Tiefer Stollen visitor mine in Wasseralfingen and the Limes thermal baths.
Aalen, a city with many facets, is worth a visit at any time of year.

Reichsstädter Straße 1
73430 Aalen
Tel. 07361/52 2358

Limesmuseum Aalen
St. Johann-Straße 5
73430 Aalen
Tel. 07361/52 82 87 0

© Stadtverwaltung Aalen

General Assembly 2023 in Straubing

This year's general assembly of the German Limes Road Association took place on 16th  March 2023 in Straubing, the heart of Altbayern (Old Bavaria).

The year 2022 was very successful for the German Limes Road Association. Despite the adversities of our time, such as the Corona pandemic, inflation or the Ukraine war, the German Limes Road Association was able to increase its membership.

With Remagen, Alpen, Xanten and the district of Wesel, four new members could be won, which are located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Lower Germanic Limes. This means that the association is now represented at all three sections of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Limes in Germany. The newly elected chairman of the association in 2022, Frederick Brütting, Lord Mayor of Aalen, was pleased to welcome the new members at the meeting and to introduce them to the members. The association hopes that more towns, municipalities and districts along the Lower Germanic Limes can be won over as new members.

The steps taken to continue the digititalisation of the Association's offerings were very well received by the members. An important element in this was the relaunch of the website, which is the central point of contact for tourist advice on the entire Limes. Among other things, the range of information on the Danube Limes and the Lower Germanic Limes was completed. The information on walking and cycling along the Limes has also been revised over the past twelve months and is now presented in an innovative way.

In the spirit of sustainability, attention was also paid to information and flyer material, so that new offers are not only offered in printed form, but can also be experienced as a digital version on the website. The entire range of information material, such as the map "UNESCO World Heritage Limes", can be ordered and downloaded free of charge at:

The German Limes Road Association is optimistic about the future and looks forward to welcoming many guests to the Limes in 2023.

Photo Exhibition "DU BIST WELTERBE" (YOU ARE WORLD HERITAGE) in Straubing

"You are World Heritage" was the motto of the photo competition organised by the German Limes Road Association in 2020. The invitation to participants was: "Show us your perspective on the monuments and reconstructions of the Limes wall, palisade, watchtowers and much more".

Limes travellers in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria submitted not only photos of famous motifs, but also numerous shots of lesser-known sites on the former outer border of the Roman Empire.

The photo competition met with such a great response that the board of the German Limes Road Association decided to award prizes not to three photos as planned, but to a total of twelve - three for each federal state through which the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes passes.

The award-winning pictures will now be on display in the Straubing City Library until mid-April 2023. The photographs offer exciting and unusual views and invite you to discover the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes - Europe's largest archaeological monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005 - all over again.

Further information, free downloads and information material on the Limes, such as the popular map "UNESCO World Heritage Limes" are available at: www.limesstrasse.deb

© Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße

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