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Eichstätt in the Altmühltal

Centre of the nature park “Altmühltal”. Bishop’s seat since the 8th century and university town. Baroque town centre, residence, cathedral, diocesan museum, various monasteries and churches, Willibalds-Castle with Jura museum and museum of pre- and early history.

The Museum of Pre- and Early History at Willibalds-Castle

The Museum of Pre- and Early History at Willibalds-Castle offers in its Roman section mainly finds from the Roman forts Pfünz and Böhming as well as from the civilian settlement Nassenfels. What’s new is an exact model of the Roman fort Pfünz, which is also exhibited in the museum.

Roman estate (villa rustica) in Möckenlohe with Museum and Roman domestic animal park

It is possible to take a detour from Eichstätt to Möckenlohe (about 9 km), where you can find a completely reconstructed main building of a Roman estate (villa rustica). This houses a museum with original finds and information about Roman agriculture; attached to this is a Roman domestic animal park.


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