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  • Limesmauer Dennenloher See
  • Arena
  • Limesstelen
  • Vicus
  • Unterschwaningen between the Hesselberg and the Fränkischen Seenland

    The municipality is not far from the Dennenloher
    Lake between the Hesselberg in the west and the
    Franconian Lake District in the east. Its first documentary
    reference dates from 1053. The Celts and
    the Romans left visible traces in the fields surrounding
    Unterschwaningen. There was a Roman
    wooden fort in Unterschwaningen as early as 90
    A.D. The Limes crosses the municipality over a
    distance of about 2.5 km with numerous visible
    archaeological monuments, such as a reconstructed
    section of the Limes wall, the site of a watchtower,
    fort Dambach with arena and vicus. The
    heyday of this municipality was in the 18th century
    when the countesses of Brandenburg-Ansbach
    had their summer residence there.

  • Karte - Unterschwaningen
  • Sights

    Impressive former baroque court church,
    remains of the margrave castle as well as the
    rhododendron park at Castle Dennenlohe.

  • Touristinfo

    Gemeindeverwaltung Untschwaningen
    Hauptstraße 11
    91743 Unterschwaningen
    Tel. +49 (0) 98 36 / 97 07-20
    Fax +49 (0) 98 36 / 97 07-23
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    Gästeführerteam Walter Oberhäußer
    Friederike-Luise-Allee 4
    91743 Unterschwaningen
    Tel. +49 (0) 9836/434
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