Deutsche Limes-Straße


  • Schutzbau
  • Kastellbad Rainau Buch
  • Limesturm
  • Limestor, Dalkingen
  • Commune Rainau

    Consists of the districts Schwabsberg, Buch,
    Dalkingen, Saverwang and Weiler.


    Local recreation area Buch with a Stausee
    (reservoir) covering an area of 25 hectares, leisure
    and recreational facilities, such as swimming,
    fishing, surfing, sailing, rowing, hiking or cycling.
    Roman open-air museum at the Bucher Stausee
    with Roman excursions, Roman feasts, etc.
    Open-Air Museum at the Bucher Stausee,
    Limes Gate in Dalkingen.

  • Karte - Rainau
  • Forth Buch bath house completely excavated

    Buildings of the fort village directly on the Stausee (reservoir); bath
    house of Fort Buch completely excavated, walls of the second building
    period conserved; foundations of two stone buildings, not far
    from the bath house, excavated and conserved (residential house
    and small bath house).

  • Limes Park in the attractive local recreation area "Stausee Buch"

    The many sights in the Limes-Park Rainau can be accessed via a
    circular trail which also leads through the attractive local recreation
    area “Bucher Stausee”.

  • Wooden limes tower with palisade district Schwabsberg

    Schwabsberg: Forest “Mahdholz” – parts of the Limes wall with
    stone tower (WP 12/77) conserved; reconstruction of the Limes
    wall; replica of a wooden watchtower.

  • Fort district Buch

    South gate visible. Floor layout and internal buildings
    of the fort clarified by geophysical measurements, line of the
    defence wall made visible through planted hedges: a model illustrates
    what the fort looked like during Roman times.

  • Elaborately designed triumphal arch, district Dalkingen

    Dalkingen: Limes gate. On the Limes between the Rhine and the
    Danube is thus a far unique building complex. Conserved; six building
    periods were discovered during excavations; an elaborately
    designed triumphal arch – probably for emperor Caracalla – was
    erected during the most recent period. Since 2010, the ruins have
    been protected by a cube made of glass and steel which has also
    been used as a museum. 

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  • Touristinfo

    Rathaus Schwabsberg
    Schloßberg 12
    73492 Rainau

    Tel. +49 (0) 79 61 / 90 02 - 0
    Fax +49 (0) 79 61 / 90 02 - 22

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