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Limeshain in the Southwest from the Wetteraukreises

The municipality of Limeshain is a modern and attractive municipality in the southwest of the Wetterau district. Surrounded by beautiful nature, it is located in close proximity to Hanau, Friedberg, Gießen and the Rhine-Main metropolis. Limeshain consists of the three districts Rommelhausen, Hainchen and Himbach and has a population of about 5,700. It is the only municipality which bears the word “Limes” in its name and proudly refers to its historical heritage by having the Limes watchtower on its municipal coat. Designated nature conservation sites provide habitats for rare endemic plants and animals as well as important resting places for migratory birds.

Sights in and around Limeshain

The reconstruction of a Roman watchtower, which was inaugurated in 2013, the renewed Limes palisade and the art installation “Schwert und Schild” (sword and shield) can all be found along the archaeological nature trail which is about three kilometres in length. The Saalkirche (aisleless church) in Hainchen from 1765 with its magnificent Eltviller Orgel (organ) and the listed church in Rommelhausen from 1726 are amongst the important architectural monuments in the town. The half-timbered houses in the districts Hainchen and Himbach from the 17th and the 18th century, the historical town hall – with bell tower and historical wedding chamber – and the farmhand house with weighing house are also listed.
Cyclists are offered locally signposted paths and the Limes Cycle way. The “Regionalpark-Route Limes” connects the “Hohe Straße” in Hammersbach via Limeshain with the “Vulkanradweg” in Altenstadt. The “Bonifatius Pilger- und Wanderroute” leads on the way from Mainz to Fulda through Limeshain.

Reconstructions from a Watchtower

At the border between Altenstadt and Limeshain is still a hill visible which hints at the former small fort Buchkopf. Opposite of this are the “Germanen-Stämme” (Germanic tribes). The Limes with rampart and moat is clearly visible in the woods south of Rommelhausen and Himbach. A reconstruction of the original border installation illustrates the expansion around 200 A.D.
The sites where the wooden watchtower and the stone watchtower were found are still visible at WP 4/103. Located in the immediate neighbourhood is a watchtower which was reconstructed of basalt rocks by using experimental archaeology. It was built with scientific support as authentically as possible over a period of three years and has been open to the public at any time since 2013. The middle floor was furnished as a parlour and can be visited during guided tours. Following the course of the Limes, the oversized art installation sword and shield (Schwert und Schild) can be found near the presumed location of WP 4/104.
The Roman relicts are connected with each other via a nature trail which offers additional information about the national history.


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