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Photo competition 2020 "YOU ARE WORLD HERITAGE"

Photo competition "YOU ARE WORLD HERITAGE"

In the anniversary year 2020, the German Limes Road Association announced a photo competition. Under the motto "You are World Heritage", participants were asked: "Capture exciting moments with your camera, unusual views on the German Limes-Road, the German Limes Cycleway and the German Limes Hiking Trail. Show us your perspective on the monuments and reconstructions of the Limes wall, palisade, watchtowers and much more." Prizes included tickets for selected museums along the Limes, books and a visit to the Limes Thermal Baths in Aalen.

Limes travellers in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria accepted the invitation and submitted photos of forts, watchtowers, palisades, Limes foundations, gladiator show fights, Roman-inspired street art, landscape shots and exhibits in Roman museums. In addition to famous motifs such as the Limes fort of Pohl, the Roman fort of Saalburg, the eastern fort of Welzheim and the Biriciana fort near Weissenburg, the competition entries also include numerous photographs of lesser-known sites on the former outer border of the Roman Empire.

The pictures show exciting and unusual perspectives and invite you to discover new destinations along the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes - Europe's largest archaeological monument.

The photo competition met with such a great response that the board of the German Limes Road Association decided to award prizes to a total of twelve photos instead of the three best - three for each federal state through which the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes passes.

Have fun clicking through our gallery - get inspired for your next trip along the Limes! You can find more information about the individual motifs here. The twelve photos are currently shown in a special exhibition in the Limesmuseum Aalen.