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Zweiflingen in the Hohenlohekreis

“Embedded in the green” – that’s how Zweiflingen with its 1,700 inhabitants introduces itself to its visitors. The smallest municipality of the Hohenlohekreis is a rural idyll - it is located in the middle of the Hohenloher Ebene, between fruit trees and cornfields. It is no wonder that golfers and gourmets from near and far appreciate this town. The “Limes and Gourmet Walk” gives a good overview.


The former hunting castle of Friedrichsruhe, today a hotel; miniature steam trains on one of Germany’s most beautiful garden layouts, with 1200m of track.

Roman border wall

Fort Westernbach lies hidden in the middle of the fields, whereas 500 metres of its rampart and moat have been preserved in the woods. The “Kärchersträßle” crosses the Limes to the free Germania at the Pfahldöbel, so that the Limes is also accessible for people who are Walking impaired. Remains of a watchtower and rural paths make the Limes-line visible. The Sechseckturm at Gleichen is within sight and enables the visitor to let his gaze wander over the rich Hohenloher Ebene. The ancient trade roads can still be perceived today along the A 6.


Gemeinde Zweiflingen
Eichacher Str. 17
74639 Zweiflingen

Tel. +49 (0) 79 48 / 94 19-0
Fax +49 (0) 79 48 / 94 19-15