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Wittelshofen at the Hesselberg

Situated at the south-west edge of the Hesselberg and founded in the Early Middle Ages. The stone fort Ruffenhofen is located nearby.


Vast fort with circular rampart on the Hesselberg, traces of the Limes and watchtowers, numerous finds of clay and metal objects, starting point of the geological-educational trail to the Hesselberg, numerous cycleways and trails around the Hesselberg. District Dühren: St.-Michaels-Church: frescoes from the 14th and 15th century. Ruffenhofen Roman Park with LIMESEUM

Fort and Vicus Ruffenhofen

The fort Ruffenhoffen is located on a hill above the Wörnitz in the border area between the municipalities of Weiltingen, Wittelshofen and Gerolfingen, about 2 km away from the Limes.

The cavalry fort with an inside area of about 3.7 hectares has not been overbuilt since antiquity. Its structures and its civilian settlement are known from geophysical investigations and have been visualised for visitors since 2003. The site in the Ruffenhofen Roman Park has been made visible again by plantings, the recovery of Roman paths and Information panels. Visitors can have a view across the whole area with a 1:10 scale fort replica from a hill.

Right beside the Ruffenhofen Roman Park is the LIMESEUM, which provides illustrative information about the UNESCO-World Heritage site Limes in the district of Ansbach. Visitors can particularly follow the daily routine of a soldier called December. Fort Dambach is besides Ruffenhofen an important topic in the museum.

Ruffenhofen Roman Park

The Limeseum provides information about the World Heritage Site in the Ansbach district, with its three forts: Dambach, Unterschwaningen, and Ruffenhofen. With the help of soldier December, former Roman times are vividly brought to life. Listening stations and a film give the visitor an insight into Roman daily life. Events and temporary exhibitions add to the experience. Guided tours are available for groups.


The Ruffenhofen Roman Park stretches over 40 hectares, and is situated close to the Limeseum. Visitors can explore the Roman fort and its vicus on circular walks. A playground and information material suitable for children on the site make the place attractive for family trips.

Rebuilt stone tower WP 13/24

Northeast of Dühren: 1-metre-high, rebuilt stone tower WP 13/24.

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