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Health resort Welzheim

Health resort in the nature park “Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald”. Romantic small lakes, such as the known Ebnisee, grottoes, V-shaped valleys (Klingen) and historic mills characterise the area – an ideal region for hiking and cycling.

Small fort Rötelsee north of Welzheim

Small fort Rötelsee: located about 1.5 km north of the west fort on a hill east of the road Welzheim-Gausmannsweiler. Of the small fort with an inside area of 324 m2, the fort walls have been conserved and the floor layout of the wooden internal buildings have been indicated with concrete plates. Prime example of a small fort on the Upper German Limes. Purpose: possibly the surveillance of a Limes passageway.
South of the small fort: Rötelsee Limes replica with moat, rampart and palisade.


East fort (Ostkastell) with archaeological park; Museum Welzheim, amongst other things with Roman section; observatory, Poetenpfad (poets’ trail) and “Wellingtonien” at the town park, St.-Gallus-Church with late-gothic sandstone sculptures, Schwäbische Waldbahn (forest train).
Museum Welzheim with multimedia presentation of the virtual Limes-Worlds.


Welzheim belongs with its two big forts and a small fort to the most important military sites on the Upper German Limes.
a) West fort: 4.3 hectares, location of an equestrian military unit (ala), almost completely overbuilt.

Watchtower between Welzheim and Lorch

WP 9/134: foundations restored.
WP 12/7 visible as a flat hill in the meadow. WP 12/8 with conserved foundation walls. WP 12/9 “Bemberlesstein”: foundations restored, parts of the Limes impressively preserved here. Conserved tower ruins WP 12/11 on an elevation. Excellent visibility from this point during Roman times (forest had been cleared during ancient times). WP 12/13 not a tower but a small fort with an area of 10.5 x 10.5 metres.
Lorch Monastery on the road Lorch-Pfahlbronn. North-east of the monastery near the presumed WP 12/14 is a replica of a wooden watchtower and of a palisade section. The tower offers a wide view and the palisade represents the Limes bend that used to be there.

East fort

East fort: 1.6 hectares, east of the straight Limes-line on a plateau above the Lein. Conserved are parts of the enclosure wall with a reconstruction of the west gate. The complete fort area has the protection status of a so-called archaeological reserve. It has been designed as an archaeological park with replicas of Roman stone monuments and explanatory plaques about the Roman Welzheim. Excavated buildings have been marked with stone plates, one of the wells has been reconstructed.
Further information available in the towers of the west gate, either accessible via fort guards or by taking part in guided tours.

Museum of Welzheim

Städtisches Museum (municipal museum): large section about the Roman
times with many finds from Welzheim and further explanations.


Tourist-Information im Rathaus
Kirchplatz 3
73642 Welzheim

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