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  • District Walting

    Beautiful churches as well as two picturesque
    small Baroque castles in the districts Inching and
    Pfünz embellish the municipality.
    The bridge (from the dark ages) called “Römerbrücke”
    at a old roman passage over the Altmühl
    and the rebuilt Roman fort in Pfünz are amongst
    those sights which are also worth seeing there.
    The keep with a height of 18 metres and the surrounding
    water moat are the elements which are
    still visible of the water castle “Rieshofen”. The
    juniper heath at Gungolding is a marvellous nature

  • Karte - Walting
  • Fort Pfünz: North gate as well as adjoining wall sections and corner towers completely reconstructed

    Attractive topography; the fort on the Kirchberg (mountain) is located
    high above today’s village. North gate as well as adjoining wall
    sections and corner towers completely reconstructed. Foundation
    walls of west and south gate also conserved after excavation; the
    south gate is marked by a grove of trees. The moat of the defence
    wall has been uniquely well-preserved in the Jurassic rock.

  • Circular trail with display panels

    Circular trail around the fort with Display Panels.


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