Deutsche Limes-Straße


  • Römerbad bei Walldürn
  • Roemerabteilung Stadt und Wallfahrtsmuseum
  • Weihesteinkopie am Römerbad
  • Limes-Pfad rekonsturierte Palisade
  • Walldürn in the Odenwald

    The area round Walldürn was already conquered
    by Roman troops in 150 A.D. Walldürn, wellknown
    pilgrimage place and largest Eucharistic
    sanctuary in Germany, offers: one of the most
    beautiful Baroque churches in the Rhine-Main-
    Area and historic centre, Limes Experience Trail,
    Roman bath-house, small fort, Roman section in
    the Stadtmuseum. Group tariffs “Tagestour auf
    den Spuren der Römer” are available. Walldürn
    has been UNESCO-Geopark-Information-Centre
    since 2006 and offers numerous guided tours and
    activities related to the topic “Roman monuments”.
    The Odenwälder Freilichtmuseum (openair
    museum) in Gottersdorf gives deep insights
    into the world of our rural ancestors.

  • Karte - Walldürn
  • Sights

    Wallfahrtsbasilika (pilgrimage basilica), Odenwälder
    Freilichtmuseum (open-air museum),
    Elfenbeinmuseum (ivory museum) Lichtermuseum,
    Zeit(T)räume - museum for clocks and much
    more, Grünkernmuseum (green spelt museum).

  • Small fort Haselburg Walldürn-Reinhardsachsen:

    Small fort Haselburg. Visible: restored east gate with rudiments of
    the enclosing wall on both sides. Function: probably surveillance of
    a Limes passage.



  • Town and pilgrimage museum Walldürn

    Mainly finds from Roman locations of the area.
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  • Not overbuilt fort in Walldürn

    A so-called archaeological reserve. Slight bumps in the terrain mark
    the position of the fort wall.

  • Limes path of the north from Walldürn

    Limes path: 2.2 km along the Limes.
    Visible: conserved foundations of watchtowers, one of them with
    annex and reconstructed palisade.

  • Fort bath-house Walldürn

    Fort bath-house of the “Reihentyp” (rooms arranged in a row) with
    hypocaust: stone walls of the second building period conserved. The
    position of the wooden pillars marks the location of the load-bearing
    posts of the wooden vestibule.

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