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  • Rheinbrohl ...the wine village by the Roman wall

    … the wine village by the “Roman wall”. First
    mention in 877, situated on the right bank of the
    romantic Middle Rhine at the foot of the Westerwald.
    Here at the start of the UNESCO World
    Heritage site Limes, natural and cultural experiences
    merge with traditional festivals and Rhenisch


    Old half-timbered houses, historical “Gertrudenhof”
    with chapel of the same name, recreated
    Limes-watchtower at WP 1/1 at the beginning of
    the Limes – caput limitis, Limes educational trail
    at WP 1/8.

  • Karte -Rheinbrohl
  • Watchtower 1/18 - 1/20

    Between Rheinbrohl and Neuwied
    The Limes runs along the edge of the Westerwald, where the fort is
    partially in a well-preserved state. The original locations are well
    accessible via hiking paths such as the Westerwaldsteig, which is
    identical with the Limes Trail in Rheinbrohl/Arienheller. The most
    beautiful route stretches from Arienheller, along the palisade replicas
    and past the staged tower foundations at WP 1/8 in the direction
    of WP 1/9 on the Beulenberg.

  • Experiencemuseum RömerWelt

    "Experience it with all the senses", is the motto! Touching and trying is allowed!

     Reconstructions and original founds from Niederbieber.
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  • Watchtower 1/9

    WP 1/9 near the original location on the Beulenberg in Rheinbrohl was erected as an accessible wooden viewing tower.

  • Watchtower 1/1

    Starting point of the Upper Germanic Limes on the right bank of
    the Rhine at the level of the Vinxtbach (border of the Roman
    provinces Lower Germania and Upper Germania) in the district
    Rheinbrohl. WP 1/1 was reconstructed with Roman quarry stones
    near the original location (Rheinbrohl).

  • Touristinformation

    56598 Rheinbrohl
    Tel. +49 (0) 26 35 / 2 6 26
    Fax +49 (0) 26 35 / 49 11
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    Tourist-Information Bad Hönningen
    Neustraße 2a
    53557 Bad Hönningen
    Tel. +49 (0) 26 35 / 22 73
    Fax +49 (0) 26 35 / 27 36
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