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Commune Rainau

Consists of the districts Schwabsberg, Buch, Dalkingen, Saverwang and Weiler.


Local recreation area Buch with a Stausee (reservoir) covering an area of 25 hectares, leisure and recreational facilities, such as swimming, fishing, surfing, sailing, rowing, hiking or cycling.
Roman open-air museum at the Bucher Stausee with Roman excursions, Roman feasts, etc. Open-Air Museum at the Bucher Stausee, Limes Gate in Dalkingen.

Forth Buch bath house completely excavated

Buildings of the fort village directly on the Stausee (reservoir); bath house of Fort Buch completely excavated, walls of the second building period conserved; foundations of two stone buildings, not far from the bath house, excavated and conserved (residential house and small bath house).

Limes Park in the attractive local recreation area "Stausee Buch"

The many sights in the Limes-Park Rainau can be accessed via a circular trail which also leads through the attractive local recreation area “Bucher Stausee”.

Wooden limes tower with palisade district Schwabsberg

Schwabsberg: Forest “Mahdholz” – parts of the Limes wall with stone tower (WP 12/77) conserved; reconstruction of the Limes wall; replica of a wooden watchtower.

Fort district Buch

South gate visible. Floor layout and internal buildings of the fort clarified by geophysical measurements, line of the defence wall made visible through planted hedges: a model illustrates what the fort looked like during Roman times.

Elaborately designed triumphal arch, district Dalkingen

Dalkingen: Limes gate. On the Limes between the Rhine and the Danube is thus a far unique building complex. Conserved; six building periods were discovered during excavations; an elaborately designed triumphal arch – probably for emperor Caracalla – was erected during the most recent period. Since 2010, the ruins have been protected by a cube made of glass and steel which has also been used as a museum.


Rathaus Schwabsberg
Schloßberg 12
73492 Rainau

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