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Pförring in the Donautal

The characteristic towers of the parish church, the emblem of Pförring, greet visitors already from afar. The Romanesque part of today’s parish church was built on the highest point of the town during the second half of the 12th century.
Pförring is embedded in the Danube valley and surrounded by the “Donauauen” (Danube Floodplains) in the south; in the north, one can perceive the foothills of the Jura; the Biburg (castle) bears witness to the first Roman settlements.


Fort Pförring, the ancient Celeusum, is about 1 km north of the town.
The Roman name derives from the nearby “Kelsbach”. A timberearth-fort was erected there under the reign of Emperor Trajan (117 – 138 A.D.), which was expanded in stone in 141 A.D. The building inscription bears witness to this. It has been preserved up to this day and can be visited at the market square in Pförring. The fort was the location of an equestrian military unit and served to secure the Limes as well as the Danube river crossing. The stone fort with an area of 3.9 hectares had an almost square ground plan (194 x 201 m). It had a couple of corner towers and four gates, which were built as double passageways with one tower each on either side. One of the gates has been visualized by a walk-on steel structure with textile coverings. There is a circular trail around the complete fort site.


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