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Osterburken is the location of the best preserved Roman fort in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Römermuseum comprehensively informs about the UNESCO-World Heritage site Limes.


The parish church St. Kilian is with its concrete sculptures by Emil Wachter a special attraction.
The church St. Mauritius with its remarkable medieval frescos is located in the district Hemsbach (2 km). The remains of the former Cistercian monastery Seligental in Schlierstadt (5 km) invites you to a visit.

Double fort, in part visible; Pavilion with explanations

Double fort at the south edge of the Kirnautal. Visible: south eastern wall of the fort for the Cohors III Aquitanorum and defence wall with gateways of the added so-called annex fort as well as parts of the moats. Pavilion with extensive explanations.


Between Bofsheim and Osterburken
WP 8/25 – conserved tower foundations located between two clearly visible Limes sections.

Roman museum

The outstanding finds from Osterburken – Mithras stone and the ritual precinct of the beneficiary unit with its numerous wooden finds and consecration stones – are shown here.

Fort bath-house in the roman museum

Visible: Bath II in the Römermuseum.
Römermuseum Osterburken at the UNESCO-World Heritage site Limes, branch of the Archaeologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Wuerttemberg. The museum supra-regionally offers information about the Limes. Finds from the Roman border from North Baden-Wuerttemberg but also from the Odenwald-Limes are exhibited.
The focal point of the exhibition is the culture of the Romans and the Germanic peoples along the Limes, but also Roman religion and the bathing culture.


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