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Öhringen in the Hohenloher Land

For a hundred years, Öhringen was playing an important role as a military base and a sizeable civilian settlement at the Limes in the Hohenloher Ebene. There were two Roman forts in the town area of Öhringen.


Precious finds from the Roman period in the Weygang-Museum, Rendelstein (wayside shrine on a  Roman column shaft), Roman well, conserved tower foundations (WP 9/33), Öhringer Limes Blick (viewing platform), historic centre, Stiftskirche (collegiate church), Hohenlohisches Residenzschloss (residence castle).
Further information:

Forts (overbuilt)

Öhringen belonged with its two forts and a big civilian settlement to the most important military bases at the Limes. Visible Roman architectural remains are no longer existent, particularly as the ancient settlement area has been mostly built over by modern buildings.

Sculpture park with replicas

Worth seeing: park with replicas of Roman stone monuments in front of the entrance of the district hospital; there is a small exhibition about medical care in Roman times in the entrance area of the hospital.


Weygang-Museum: Roman finds from Öhringen and Limes-Container, important civilian settlement between the two forts which was called, according to the inscription, Vicus Aurelianus.

Watchtower 9/33

Conserved tower foundation of WP 9/33 at the northern edge of the City.

Watchtower 9/51, 57 u. 64 between Öhringen and Mainhardt

Remains of rampart and moat of the Limes north of WP 9/51. This WP at Gleichen has a hexagonal floor layout – a rarity at the Limes between the Rhine and the Danube. Probable survey point for the “determination” of the perfectly straight Limes-line over a length of 80 km in total, view over a distance of up to 45 km.
The Limes-line is visible as a grove from WP 9/64 at Geißelhardt and south of the former inn “Römergraben” onwards. Replica of a wooden Limes tower included.


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