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Obernburg am Main

  • Obernburg am Main

    At the crossroads of old trading routes between
    Spessart and Odenwald at the western Mainviereck,
    where Mümling and Elsava flow into the
    Main. The Romans erected a cohort and numerus
    fort about 100 A.D. The Archbishop of Mainz,
    Peter von Aspelt, declared Obernburg a city in


    Historic centre with Almosen-, Hexen-,
    Täschen-, Gumpen- and Rundem Turm (tower),
    Oberes and Unteres Tor (gate), St. Anna-Chapel.
    Roman museum

  • Karte - Obernburg
  • Cohort fort

    The cohort fort with an area of almost 3 hectares is located under
    today’s town centre. South of the garrison was a beneficiary station.
    Consecration stones of the special representatives stationed there
    and other numerous finds from the fort are exhibited in the Römermuseum
    in Obernburg.

  • Roman museum

    Roman museum with finds from the Roman fort.



    Watchtower rest of the Mainlimes

    2.5 km south of the town on the B 469 are
    the only visible watchtower remains of the Main Limes in the Woods.

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