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Obernburg am Main

Obernburg am Main

At the crossroads of old trading routes between Spessart and Odenwald at the western Mainviereck, where Mümling and Elsava flow into the Main. The Romans erected a cohort and numerus fort about 100 A.D. The Archbishop of Mainz, Peter von Aspelt, declared Obernburg a city in 1313.


Historic centre with Almosen-, Hexen-, Täschen-, Gumpen- and Rundem Turm (tower), Oberes and Unteres Tor (gate), St. Anna-Chapel.
Roman museum

Roman museum

Roman museum with finds from the Roman fort.

Watchtower rest of the Mainlimes

2.5 km south of the town on the B 469 are the only visible watchtower remains of the Main Limes in the Woods.

Cohort fort

The cohort fort with an area of almost 3 hectares is located under today’s town centre. South of the garrison was a beneficiary station.
Consecration stones of the special representatives stationed there and other numerous finds from the fort are exhibited in the Römermuseum in Obernburg. 


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