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Ober-Mörlen in the west Wetterau

Ober-Mörlen with the district Langenhain-Ziegenberg is situated in the western Wetterau and is with its stream Usa, its densely wooded heights and valleys as well as the adjacent Hochtaunus an ideal recreation area.
The district Langenhain-Ziegenberg in the Nature Park Hochtaunus is a popular place for outings and recreation.


Renaissance Castle (1589).

Reconstructed Watchtower

Reconstructed Watchtower WP 4/16 on the Gaulskopf.

Fort Langenhain

Fort Langenhain was east of the present location of Ober-Mörlen on the height which is today called “Gickelsburg”. There is evidence for the existence of Cohors I Biturigum equitata in the stone fort which covers an area of 3.2 hectares and lies below meadows and fields. The so far only large stone building of the camp village was found together with a pottery kiln and the cemetery in the east at the road to Friedberg. Fort and camp village are no longer visible.
The last visible evidence of the presence of the Roman military is a building stone of the Legio XXII Primigenia Pia Fidelis from the fort location, which has been built into the wall on the south-east corner of the parish church in Langenhain-Ziegenberg.


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